Cops Vs. Bacons Whitepaper

On the streets of Bacon City, an intense battle for control between cops and bacons rages on. Every day, regular bacons hustle hard and risk their lives to produce the $GREASE token, which is the key to their financial freedom.

But, making $GREASE is not easy – regular bacons need to be on constant alert for Cops, who are trying to take steal their $GREASE whenever the opportunity presents itself. Not only do they try and confiscate the $GREASE of staked bacons, but they also try and catch newly recruited bacons and cops alike to join up their squad. Cops and Bacons also utilize a secondary token, $EGGS, to build up their strength and capabilities throughout this war.

The streets of The Frying Pan are brutal, but there’s $GREASE to be made… if you know how to play your cards right. And if you know how to add the AVAX C-Chain to your metamask wallet (we have videos for that, so no worries if you don't).

Stage 1 - An Overview

Cops Vs. Bacons is a P2E hybrid combining mechanics from,, and random community-generated ideas! The initial mint-out of the Gen 0's will kick-off Stage 1, which will include the mechanics listed below. If you're curious about Stage 2, check out the relevant section at the bottom of this whitepaper.

Smart Contract Addresses

- Bacon Contract: 0xe06c796ec6ba59d965e0033f03497869c9118701
- Frying Pan (Staking & Game): 0xc8ee8fb6b76ff0cbe8dd7cf7262ebe978c28851c
- $GREASE: 0x96d58F4646e988c236A4d2Bf57A0468E16E2DDFc
- $EGGS: 0x5052AD88Fe5a8862927d724d1C8fc27f0F42be2f

Supply & Generations

The Cops Vs. Bacons game will have a total supply of 50,000 bacons. They will be broken down as follows:

Mint #
Risk Factor
1 - 10,000
2.5 AVAX (2 AVAX for the first 2,000 whitelister mints)
10,001 - 20,000
20,000 $GREASE
20,001 - 40,000
40,000 $GREASE
40,001 - 50,000
80,000 $GREASE

Bacon & Cop Leveling

As part of Stage 1, we'll implement a leveling system for your individual cops & bacons. This will not have any particular use cases in Stage 1, but will instead be used in certain Stage 2 features such as breeding, heists, and possibly items.

Leveling will be relatively straightforward -- your bacons and cops will automatically increase their level as they produce more $GREASE.

Generated $GREASE Requirement
Upgrade Advantages
TBA (Stage 2)
50,000 $GREASE
TBA (Stage 2)
100,000 $GREASE
TBA (Stage 2)
TBA (Stage 2)
50,000 $GREASE * n
TBA (Stage 2)


$GREASE is an inflationary token that does not have a maximum supply. This token will be primarily used for minting additional bacon NFT's after Gen 0 has minted out.

Mint a new Bacon using $GREASE (price varies depending on gen)
There is a 100% chance that you mint a regular bacon



$EGGS is a secondary, deflationary token that is meant to balance the inflationary aspects of $GREASE. This mechanic is heavily influenced by other projects utilizing this dual-token system, such as &

$EGGS will serve as a means to upgrade your existing hideout & police station levels to further progress in the game. You will be able to earn $EGGS by staking your LP tokens in the $GREASE-AVAX liquidity pair.

There will only be a total 30,000,000 $EGGS in the Cops Vs. Bacons game. We will provide 400,000 $EGGS as initial liquidity into $GREASE-$EGGS pair. The rest will be distributed as staking rewards, and emitted to control the pace of the game.

Staking & Hideout Levels

In order to pace the game and encourage players to stake their NFT's and $GREASE token, we've implemented an 'max # staked' system for both cops and bacons.

By default, you will be able to stake 3 cops, and 10 bacons. You can mint as many bacons & cops as you would like, and keep any amount in your wallet.

Upgrading Limits
- Upgrading your 'Police Station' level will increase the number of staked cops you can have at any given time.
- Upgrading your 'Hideout' level will increase the number of staked bacons you can have at any given time.

Upgrades to Police Stations & Hideouts will be performed with the $EGG token.

Note: When upgrading your hideout, 25% of the cost in $EGGS will be burned.

The upgrade costs for the two will be as follows:

Hideout Level
Police Station Upgrade Perks
Hideout Upgrade Perks
Upgrade Costs ($EGGS)
0 (Default)
3 Max Staked Cops
10 Max Staked Bacons
0 $EGGS (default)
4 Max Staked Cops
13 Max Staked Bacons
400 $EGGS
5 Max Staked Cops
16 Max Staked Bacons
600 $EGGS
max = n + 3
Cops Staked (+1 Max Cops staked for every level)
max = 3n + 10
Max Bacons Staked (+3 for every level)
200n + 200

'Regular' Bacons

Regular bacons are the bread-and-butter of the game. They earn $4,000 $GREASE per day they are staked, prorated to the minute.

Gen 0
You have a 90% chance of minting a regular bacon, and a 10% chance of minting a cop.

Accumulate 4,000 $GREASE a day (prorated to the minute)
No risk
Cash Out
Receive 80% of $GREASE accumulated on your Bacon
Cops take a bribe of 20% on the cashed-out $GREASE in return for not raiding the gang.
Taxed $GREASE is split among all the Cops currently staked in the squadron, in accordance to their alpha score.
Receive 100% of $GREASE accumulated on your Bacon.

The bacon is unstaked, and all of the generated $GREASE is given to the player.
There is a 50% chance that the Cops catch the bacon, and you lose ALL of $GREASE being cashed out by that particular bacon.
The $GREASE is distributed to all of the Cops currently staked in the police station.


Cops are currently not mintable -- they are rewarded to those who minted a regular bacon.

In addition, cops generate a % of all $GREASE earnings:
- The lower the portion of $GREASE that the Cop earns from bribes + arrests
- The higher % chance the Cop steals a Gen 1 + mint


Cop A has an Alpha of 8, and Cop B has an Alpha of 6, and both are staked.

- If 70,000 $GREASE total have been accumulated as taxes, Cop A will be able to claim 30,000 $GREASE and Cop B will be able to claim 40,000 $GREASE

Only staked Cops are able to earn the $GREASE tax.

Stake Cop
Earn your share of the 20% $GREASE generated by bacons
Cash Out
Receive all $GREASE taxes generated by the staked Cop
Unstake Cop
Receive all the $GREASE generated by the staked Cop

Token Burning

As part of Stage 1, there will be a burning mechanism for the $GREASE token included as part of the launch of the game. Minting a bacon with the $GREASE token will result in that entire amount burned upon mint of the token.

In addition, there will be a burning mechanism for $EGGS upon making upgrades (see above section for upgrading). In stage 2, we will also introduce a burn when items are minted.

Stage 2 - What's Coming Later!

Thanks to all the folks that participated in our #staking-game-ideas channel, we're now preparing a few exciting features that will be included in Stage 2. These include heists, items, and breeding. This is a very tentative write-up of the aforementioned features, and will be updated once we get further into the development cycle for them. Development will begin more or less immediately after the launch of Stage 1. We've already prepared our current smart contract architecture to account for these new features.

#1: Heists
This was a community-selected feature that will essentially allow you to go and earn $GREASE by sending off regular bacons to perform a number of different 'heists'. Heists will be something that you can only perform once every x hours.

Executing heists will have a few different requirements. These will include things like:
- A certain number of bacons to execute the heist
- Total combined level of bacons must be x
- Hideout must be level x for specific heists
- Requires some specific item(s) to execute the heist

More details will be provided as we compile the specific heists & sort out the tokenomics for each. This is intended to be a sort of 'endgame' mechanic that will dervice the most benefit to users.

Heists will also have a % chance of getting caught by a staked cop. In doing so, the bacons involved will be sent to 'jail' for some amount of time, where they will not generate $GREASE, and then returned back to the wallets of their original owners.

#2: Items
This one is pretty heavily inspired by pizza game -- we're thinking of introducing items in a similar fashion, where you can spend $EGGS in order to speed up the 'efficiency' of the $GREASE your bacons generate. In addition, this will time into the 'heists' mechanic, as certain heists will require the user to own certain items.

The exact mechanics are still TBD! We will tweak this a bit from's sole PPM mechanic, though.

#3: Breeding
The goal is to reward Gen 0 holders for showing their early support, and get them some extra utility! All we can say is... bacons will be able to breed. And golden bacons will have some... rare offspring!

We'll be sampling a number of different projects/community ideas when generating the specifics for this feature. If you have some cool ideas, we're always keen to hear them out in #staking-game-ideas!